+ Should I get my windshield repaired or replaced?

The purpose of a windshield is to protect the occupants of the vehicle from wind and debris, such as rocks and dust. Your vehicle’s windshield is bound to take a beating from time to time so here are some helpful tips to help you decide whether or not your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced:

  1. Where is the damage? Depending on where the damage is located on your glass is a huge factor in whether or not the glass should be repaired or replaced. First and foremost, is the crack within your vision? If the crack is hindering the driver’s vision, then it is best to go ahead and fix the crack, so it does not become a bigger issue in the future. Also, if the crack is near the outer rim of the glass or near the corners, the windshield should be replaced.

  2. Is the windshield still structurally sound? Glass is weakened by damage so if the car is involved in a collision, the windshield will not be able to provide the intended level of protection.

  3. What is the size of the damage? Generally, if the crack is smaller than a dollar bill or the bullseye is less than an inch, the windshield can be repaired. If the crack is larger than a dollar bill or the bullseye is larger than 3 inches, then it should be replaced.

  4. Does it affect your ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)? Our technicians will be able to help determine if any of your ADAS features have been disrupted.