+ What is ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) Calibration?

Modern cars have several sensors and cameras all around the vehicle which increase the cars safety, this is known as ADAS. With ADAS, proper calibration is critical for your safety after replacing a windshield. When people buy these newer cars, they are aware of these features, and many rely on them to keep them safe. Even if you have a minor wreck or hit a large pothole, your car will more than likely need a calibration. Our technicians are here to help, if your car is in need of this service. ADAS Dynamic Calibration is also known as on-road calibration because the majority of the work is done while the vehicle is in motion in order for our technicians to accurately reset the ADAS features. Dynamic Calibrations start with a diagnostic tool and then our trained and certified technicians determine which of your ADAS features have been disrupted. After that is determined, the technicians would begin the dynamic calibration to finish the process.